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Our Approach

Our experience in lighting design over the past 15 years has been extremely varied across all sectors of construction and scales of project. But there are certain aspects of lighting design that have founded Strom’s design principles.

Circularity is at the heart of what we do and is the primary lens that we view our designs through.  This helps to keep our core values of simplicity, timelessness and the need for collaboration clear throughout the project. 

Our focus on sustainable and circular design also leads us to share and collaborate with other lighting designers, suppliers and associations. 

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Light and Shadow

Who we Are

A bit more about us

Anna Clara

Co Founder

Anna originally comes from an Interior Design background having graduated from University of the Arts London with a degree in Interior and Spatial Design.

In 2011 Anna completed her MSc in Light and Lighting at the Bartlett, UCL. She joined the then newly founded Nulty where she spent 9 years progressing to Associate Designer leading a wide range of award winning projects and gaining experience working in the Middle East, Asia and American markets.  

After 16 years living in the UK Anna moved back to Sweden at the end of 2020 where she co-founded Ström with her partner Emilio Hernandez. 

Anna is also a founding member of the new initiative Green Light Alliance (GLA) which is a passion project run by like minded designers and manufacturers in the lighting industry with an aim to promote circular design.


Co Founder

Emilio originally worked in natural daylight design but now works predominantly in artificial lighting design. He has worked on a diverse set of projects with experience in residential, mixed use commercial, hospitality, schools and urban regeneration projects.

After 15 years in lighting design in London (just as he was starting to get the hang of it) Emilio recently moved to Sweden and co-founded ‘Ström’ (with his partner Anna Sandgren). This move has provided the independence to form partnerships to help develop & promote the sustainable lighting design values needed as we head to a net zero carbon future.

As an active member of the lighting community Emilio has spoken at design conferences and provided CPD’s and is one of several founding members of the Green-Light Alliance and current sitting chair. 

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