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Lighting Design Consultancy

We can add value to your scheme.

We're experienced in working with interior designers, architects, developers and end users as well as working with contractors on site to ensure the design is realised. A timeless, buildable, maintainable and sustainable approach is our priority.


Planning Reports
Master Planning

Mitigate risk

A lighting master plan or planning report will provide clear intentions and reassurance to the local authority without being overly prescriptive.


We can help you to understand how lighting needs to be considered for your development. We can provide direction on  aspects such as maintenance, environmental impact, security and aesthetics.

Lighting Design Consultancy

Add value to your scheme

We are interested in understanding where lighting design sits within the project hierarchy and tailoring our scope to provide the best value. 

A clear brief or design narrative is important to help make the best decision at each turn and frequent and clear communication helps us to achieve this. 




A practical approach

Designing from fresh start is always a pleasure, but avoiding waste is a key pillar of our approach to design.


If you're looking to refurbish the lighting within a space let us help you understand what can be re-used and explore the options to reduce waste and improve the your projects approach to circular design.

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